This is the exact one I own.

At the beginning of college I bought a HP laptop for around 1400 with only a year of warranty. A year and a month passed and my laptop started showing me 6 split windows with 6 cursors. I waited for about four months to get my laptop back in perfect condition. I was told that I shouldn’t use my laptop for more than two hours because it will overheat. I find this unrealistic. Maybe in the year 2003 I would have been okay with only two hours of computer use but in these days, there’s no way. But the laptop does turn itself off after overheating, so I wait an hour before turning it back on. After this I got four Trojan Viruses, the last one wouldn’t allow me to turn on my laptop. I got Windows 7 reinstalled and ran virus scans and it was gone. A few months more later my HP laptop will not even start properly. It’ll show me 6 split screens again with gibberish written all over it, and then a black screen.

It’s time I got a new computer. But the whole time I got the viruses I thought, I should get a MAC. This time I’d like the desktop version; iMAC. I also really love the programs available for MACs.

Am I making the right decision? I really hope I am. All I know is that I’m never purchasing HP again.


Hey you! Yes you! Okay, maybe not you but I gotta tell this to somebody because it could be anybody. Sometimes I am just shocked at the way people don’t act when they’re using the bathroom. It’s not like there’s actual signs because these etiquettes are so obvious.

Number 1, flush the toilet. Looking at your own waste is not the same as looking at somebody else’s, so watch if all your crap is gone. If it’s still there, don’t you dare leave the cubicle until it’s flushed away.

Number 2, turn off the taps. You see what I mean? I shouldn’t even have to say this and yet I walk inside and the taps are running full blast. Are you kidding me? I guess some girls just wash their hands, get hypnotized by their own beauty in the mirror and walk out staring at their own reflection, forgetting that they had the taps running. It’s simple steps, really. Turn on taps. Wet hands. Take soap and rub into hands. Rinse off with water. TURN OFF TAPS.

Number 3, refill the toilet paper. Some public toilets have toilet rolls behind you so that you can refill it yourself. If you finish the roll isn’t it common courtesy to refill it for the next person? Just do it.


Journey to Success

Round 1:

Which photo is the most amazing in this list and has the best accompaning title about School? I’m going to enter the more popular one in a competition.


Growth in Wisdom



Door to New Beginnings



Striving for Excellence



Striving for Excellence



Journey to Success



A Climb to Success

These birds were flying around our house and wouldn’t stop squaking. They didn’t let me sleep past 8 o’clock that I was very eager to throw rocks at them. I went outside and thought I should take advantage of this situation. Turn it into a animal photoshoot. I live next to a pigeon farm and the man releases his birds a few times for them to fly around. They look so scared and not flying while those other ones take over.

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